Not My Child

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I have a confession to make. A closed-minded, somewhat prejudicial, and yes, ignorant confession. I’m embarrassed to admit this publicly, but here it goes… There was a time in my naïve little world, not so very long ago, that I … Continued

My First Journal

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“I need help, mom. I can’t pay my mortgage”. That was how the conversation started that forever and dramatically changed our family’s lives. It was early 2012. My son – my smart, handsome, athletic, successful, loving son, Clay, broke down … Continued

Your Memory

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What do you see when you look down?Do you see me wandering all around?Do you call my name and hope I hear?Do you try to comfort all my fears? What do you hear when I call your name?Does my voice … Continued

My Own Special Angel

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When I hear a song, I look for youWhen I read a book, I look for youWhen I see a baseball field, I look for youWhen I see a hiking trail, I look for youWhen the wind blows the trees, … Continued