Grief and Coping with the Effects of the loss of a Child:

  • Healing After Loss by Martha Hickman
    Daily meditations for working through grief
    Grief Recovery for those who have lost due to substance abuse: A community of support and healing
  • MomPower
    By Mom and for moms. Changing the dynamics where love and addiction meet.
  • When a Child Dies From Drugs by Pat Wittberger
    This book offers strength, practical advice and an aid in grief recovery for parents and families.
  • Healing a Parent's Grieving Heart by Alan Wolfelt
    Simple yet effective methods for coping and healing, this book provides answers and relief to parents trying to deal with the loss of a child.


Support Groups:

2nd Tuesday of each month - Grief Support Group For Individuals Who Have Lost A Loved One To The Drug Crisis

3rd Tuesday of each month - Outreach Support Group For Individuals Who Have A Loved Suffering From Addiction

Check website for time and location.

Resources for Treatment for a Loved One with Substance Use Disorder

  • *Meridian Behavioral Health Services
    Providing Recovery-Oriented and Outcome-Driven Behavioral Healthcare to Western North Carolina
  • *Appalachian Community Services in WNC
    ACS is a group of highly trained professionals dedicated to promoting the emotional and physical well being of the community members in a safe and respectful environment.
  • *NC Department of Health and Human Services
    Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services
  • *Youth Villages, the Force for Families
    We give children and youth a safe, supportive environment to heal and move forward.
  • *More Powerful NC: Overpowering the Epidemic
    This is a full informational website. Resources, treatment, education and initiatives in NC
  • *NC Harm Reduction Coalition
    Engages in grassroots advocacy, resource development, coalition building and direct services for people impacted by drug use, overdose, HIV and hepatitis. They also provide resources and support to law enforcement.
  • *The Willows at Red Oak Recovery
    A Sanctuary Where Young Women Can Begin Recovery. Dynamic and transformative trauma-based clinical care for women. FREE rehab for women/teens and families.
  • *LifeWorks Christian Women’s Job Corps
    Women from many different walks of life can face unexpected circumstances and find themselves in need of assistance. Life Enrichment classes are offered in 8 week segments. The perfect transitional classes from homelessness to productive members of the community.
  • *Eleanor Health
    The mission at Eleanor Health is to help people struggling with addiction live amazing lives. The commitment to their health and well-being is unwavering and without judgment.
  • *BHG Recovery (Behavioral Health Group)
    At Behavioral Health Group, they understand that opioid addiction is a complex medical issue, not a moral failure. They are dedicated to providing effective evidence-based treatment for opioid addiction. They offer Medication-Assisted Treatment which utilizes a combination of medication along with counseling services to provide comprehensive opioid addiction treatment.
  • *Mountain Strong WNC
    Their mission is to increase resilience in our youth, families, and communities through targeted efforts at reducing substance misuse and other risky behaviors.
  • *Pisgah Recovery Services
    1637 S Main St, Waynesville - 828.246.9828 - Compassionate and Comprehensive Opioid Treatment
  • *Real World Transitional (Sober Living Homes)
    Providing a foundation for personal growth and community connection by offering safety and stability through sober living for all people seeking their path of recovery.
  • *Love and Respect Community for Recovery & Wellness
    Transforming lives, restoring families and helping to create a healthier community.
  • *Hazelwood Healthcare of Waynesville
    An office-based opioid treatment clinic.
  • *Hights
    Helping inspire gifts of hope, trust and service.
  • Behavioral Health Urgent Care
    A one-stop treatment and resource center for mental health services, substance use/addiction recovery support. Crisis Hotline 1-888-573-1006
  • Seek Healing
    The SeekHealing project is about empowering people to heal from trauma rather than requiring "addicts" to achieve certain outcomes.
  • Eleanor Health Foundation
    Their vision is to expand equitable access to addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery services."
  • RezHOPE Recovery
    Changing the narrative for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in western North Carolina. RezHOPE was created as a resource to help users in the community find healing and recovery.
    Email for more information
  • Red Oak Recovery
    Inspiring transformation and self-exploration in the safe surroundings of our sanctuary in North Carolina. Red Oak Recovery is a clinically focused, trauma-informed facility with gender-specific programs for young adults.
  • Addiction Treatment Division
    If you or your loved one are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, you have come to the right place. Division On Addictions is an organization that was created for the sole purpose of helping those who are affected by an alcohol or drug addiction problem to locate a local rehab center near them. This is the most comprehensive national resource for ALL treatment options no matter what the addiction.
  • The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
    Collects information on thousands of state-licensed providers who specialize in treating substance use disorders, addiction, and mental illness.
  • Addiction Group
    Addiction Group is an informational web guide created for people struggling with substance use disorders (SUD), alcohol use disorders (AUD), and co-occurring mental health disorders. Our team of journalists, researchers, doctors, and medical professionals helps people find the right treatment for their individual needs and unique situations.
  • Blunt Therapy
    Seven myths about addiction you need to stop believing right now.
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
    Works to reduce the impact of the most common mental health and substance use disorders on America's communities.
  • Magnolia New Beginnings
    Dedicated to advocating for those affected by Substance Use Disorder, as well as their families and loved ones.
  • Find Help Addiction Policy
    Addiction is treatable, Recovery is Possible. The addiction policy forum resource database supports patients, families, and providers with critical information about addiction and connects them to quality treatment and recovery resources through our vetted database.
  • We The Village
    An interactive online support group. It is a platform to ask questions and get answers. A wide range of topics from pre-recovery, early recovery, self-care, grief to long term recovery.

* Centers that are local to Waynesville, NC regional area

Podcasts, Books and Articles for Loss and SUD

  • Collateral Damage - podcast
    Discusses the impact of addiction in our lives, our families, and within our communities nationwide
  • Mom Power: Changing the Dynamics Where Love and Addiction Meet - podcasts
    Numerous podcasts from different perspectives.
  • Last Day - Lemonada - podcast
    Lemonada co-founder and author Stephanie Wittels Wachs confronts massive epidemics...Starting with overdose deaths and the opioid crisis, we zoom in on a person's last day of life.
  • In Recovery - podcast
    It’s time to shift our thinking away from 28 days and onto recovery for life. This is your weekly go-to for any and all questions about addiction, treatment, mental health, recovery, and everything in between.
  • The Addiction Podcast, Point of No Return - podcast
    We share stories of hope and education for individuals, friends, family, parents and associates who have been or may be addicted, and want to overcome the addiction. The goal is to provide a wide ranging forum for people to tell stories of recovery, challenges and triumphs.
  • Clean by David Scheff - book
    Overcoming addiction and ending America's greatest tragedy
  • When a Child Dies From Drugs by Pat Wittberger - book
    Written by parents to help other parents. This book offers strength, practical advice and an aid in grief recovery for parents and families.
  • If You Love Me by Maureen Cavanagh - book
    A Mother's Journey Through Her Daughter's Opioid Addiction - A gripping memoir of a mother who suddenly finds herself on the frontlines of the opioid epidemic as her daughter battles substance use disorder.
  • Healing a Parent's Grieving Heart: 100 Practical Ideas After Your Child Dies - book
    Simple yet highly effective methods for coping and healing.

Helpful Private and Public Facebook Groups

  • The SHARE Project Public Page

  • Mobilize Recovery

  • The Addicts Mom - Both public and private pages

  • The Addicts Mom North Carolina Chapter
  • The Addicts Mom - Grieving Moms
  • GRASP - Grief Recovery for Those who have loss due to substance abuse
  • Magnolia New Beginnings
  • Magnolia Addiction Support - also has a NC page
  • Can You See Me Now
  • Humanizing Addiction
  • Drug Epidemic Awareness Walk Across America
  • Broken No More
Vision Statement

We envision a world where addiction is de-stigmatized and better understood as a disease and where family members and loved ones of those afflicted by addiction never feel like they have to suffer alone or in silence.