Your Memory

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What do you see when you look down?
Do you see me wandering all around?
Do you call my name and hope I hear?
Do you try to comfort all my fears?

What do you hear when I call your name?
Does my voice to you still sound the same?
Do you try to reach me and those you love?
When you look down from up above?

I try to laugh and not cry every day
But my heart is broken in every way
My tears won’t dry and my soul can’t heal
I drift through the days like this isn’t real

I don’t want to accept that you’re really gone
I still look for you in every morning’s dawn
I miss your laugh, your kindness, your heart
It’s still a shock that we are forever apart

The world has kept spinning and people can’t see
That I feel like I’m drowning in a great blue sea
It makes some feel awkward when I speak your name
When I share a memory they look away

But I need your stories to always live on
They are all that I have now that you’re gone
So, I will continue to share and forever enjoy
All the wonderful memories of you, my boy

By: Michele Rogers, December 2019

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